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An introduction to Focus On…

An introduction to the first edition of a new and regular newsletter from Parker’s European Hydraulic Filtration Division. Our aim is to bring you relevant and informative information on products, applications and market successes that will, we hope, develop awareness of total health management of fluid power and lubrication systems.

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Parker’s new generation of Static Control Filter Media will help lower the negative impact of static – electric charging of oils.

Fluid conductivity can greatly impact system performance – modern hydraulic oils of Group II and III can have a lower zinc content which reduces fluid conductivity. Electrostatic charging can occur everywhere in a system, but problems arise when fluid conductivity is too low. In this situation, the electrostatic energy can accumulate and create discharges in the oil.

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Over 2000 engineers, end users and system designers have already discovered the benefits of downloading Parker’s Hydraulic and lube filtration tools.

Parker’s successful online and offline Filter Selector is already used by over 2000 registered engineers, distributors and system specifiers and it has proven to be effective and popular – downloaded, installed and used to identify and specify the best Parker hydraulic or lube filter for the application required. This is your chance to download the Filter Selector and the new Par Fit offline Tool Kit.

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Parker’s latest heavy duty fuel and lube duplex filter – DF65 adds value and reduces space.

Space limitations will always be a factor when it comes to designing and engineering an oil system and Parker’s newest addition to the Heavy Duty Fuel and Lube Duplex Filter range, the DF65 Series has been designed especially for applications where available space is an issue. We take a look at the product and some of the potentials for the new duplex series.

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Kittiwake acquisition extends Parker’s Condition Monitoring capability.

As the first 5 Parker branded Kittiwake condition monitoring products become available, we look at Kittiwake technology and product innovation and confirm just how effective the expanded range of Parker products are from the customer and end user perspective. Parker is now able to offer the widest range of Condition Monitoring equipment available anywhere.

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