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Total Health Management of Fluid Power and Lubrication Systems

Archive for May, 2013

Metallic Wear Debris Measurement

The cleanliness level of fluids is often measured by using laser technology. Particles flowing through a laser beam create a shadow on a sensor, the size and number of shadows can be counted and hence the condition of the fluid […]

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Parker Oil Conditioning Unit (OCU) provides a helping hand

Modern equipment does occasionally require a helping hand to take the condition of the hydraulic or lubrication fluid to the desired level. Parker’s OCU bypass filters can be directly connected to existing circuits. Thanks to integrated pressure and flow control […]

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Parker introduces an innovation for mobile equipment: Multi System Sampling Island

Modern mobile equipment is very often a dedicated engineered construction including multiple systems for driving, steering, braking and working hydraulics. The more stringent demands related to the up-time and productivity of mobile equipment results into growing interest for system condition […]

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A clean start is essential

Before releasing vehicles or systems after final assembly for shipment to customers many companies are validating the fluid cleanliness level in advance. This hydraulic housekeeping is essential to ensure the system is working in accordance with the specifications. It is […]

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