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Total Health Management of Fluid Power and Lubrication Systems

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Parker introduces DuraClean™ – a unique hydraulic fluid extending system component life time while lowering the cost of maintenance.

A NEW addition to Parker Hannifin’s Filter range   –  DuraClean™ hydraulic fluid  has been designed to avoid the formation of varnish in the system combined with extended life time. Modern systems are more sensitive to the negative consequences of hydraulic […]

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Total System Health Management on the Agritechnica

Parker supported the German VDMA conference with a presentation about Total System Health for agriculture equipment.  The Parker presentation is intended to create awareness about the function of condition monitoring and how we can prevent unexpected standstill of equipment. View […]

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Removing Moisture from Hydraulic Fluids

Parker has introduced the Par<>Gel calculator, a effective tool to calculate how many filter elements are needed to reduce the moisture level down to the desired level.  Moisture is knows as one of the important factors influencing the aging process […]

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Measuring Moisture in Hydraulic Fluids

Parker offers a range of moisture sensors for the continuous measurement of the moisture level in the oil. It may be worthwhile to equip a few vehicles or systems with a MS sensor to gain more insight knowledge about the […]

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The “one stop shop” approach has been one of Parker’s important value areas to support our customers with the global availability of filter elements using the quality Parker filter media. Parker is pleased to introduce the extended range of Par<>Fit […]

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The success of the EPF iprotect® continues

Since the introduction back in 2011, the EPF iprotect® has been specified by a growing group of OEM type customers and distributors, all focusing on protecting the quality of filtration and the after market for the spare filter elements.  As […]

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