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Total Health Management of Fluid Power and Lubrication Systems


The Par Fit range offers end users, maintenance engineers and manufacturers a range of over 50,000 Parker Par Fit quality interchange elements using Microglass III and Ecoglass III media. With the quality assurance that comes as standard with Parker engineering, […]

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The icountOS system incorporates a laser detection particle counter, battery and pump into a single integrated unit for the real time condition monitoring of fluids, thereby helping maintenance engineers to maximise productivity and extend system life. Providing an immediate warning […]

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COMING SOON – Phase II Parker branded Kittiwake products

The next offering will include products from across the entire condition monitoring range, widening the scope of analysis available. The Parker Kittiwake Oil Test Centre (OTC) provides lab quality results on-site giving the user the ability to conduct oil tests […]

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Parker Kittiwake MHC-Bearing Checker

The latest development in acoustic emissions monitoring incorporates sophisticated instrumentation capable of analysing the condition of virtually any rotating machinery, delivered in a palm-sized unit. Furthermore,  a capacity not only to work with the widest range of machinery in the […]

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This design allows for more compact solutions as the filter element remains in the filter bowl during change of filter element.  The patented iprotect® elements are supplied with quantumfiber™ filter media, which contains a broad filtration area providing low pressure […]

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Metallic Wear Debris Measurement

The cleanliness level of fluids is often measured by using laser technology. Particles flowing through a laser beam create a shadow on a sensor, the size and number of shadows can be counted and hence the condition of the fluid […]

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Parker Oil Conditioning Unit (OCU) provides a helping hand

Modern equipment does occasionally require a helping hand to take the condition of the hydraulic or lubrication fluid to the desired level. Parker’s OCU bypass filters can be directly connected to existing circuits. Thanks to integrated pressure and flow control […]

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Parker introduces an innovation for mobile equipment: Multi System Sampling Island

Modern mobile equipment is very often a dedicated engineered construction including multiple systems for driving, steering, braking and working hydraulics. The more stringent demands related to the up-time and productivity of mobile equipment results into growing interest for system condition […]

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A clean start is essential

Before releasing vehicles or systems after final assembly for shipment to customers many companies are validating the fluid cleanliness level in advance. This hydraulic housekeeping is essential to ensure the system is working in accordance with the specifications. It is […]

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The beauty of ‘Noise’ and how we can extend the life time of bearings

‘Noise’ is often seen as an unwanted product of machinery and machine designers often focus to reduce the noise level. But Noise can be a very useful phenomenon to detect wear & tear process in a very early stage by […]

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