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German Toolkit is launched

As a result of considerable demand from the Parker Sales Company and distribution partners, a German language version of the Parker Toolkit has been developed.

The system, which provides identical functionality to the English version and went live in March this year, has already attracted over 130 registered users.

Commenting on the launch, Stefan Nilgen, Sales Manager Hydraulic & Engine Filtration, Parker Sales Company Germany (pictured here) said: “We are excited that we can now offer our customers all the advantages of the Toolkit, but in their preferred business language.”

Depending on demand, additional language versions of the toolkit may be developed in the future. Steve Dickens, Hydraulic Filter Divison EuropeMarket Development Manager, Aftermarket, said: “The whole ethos behind Par Fit Toolkit is about making life easier for customers, so it makes perfect sense to produce specific versions for different territories. And given the importance of the German market, this was the natural next step”.  

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